From Canon Law

  • Male
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Single and with no dependents
  • If ordained, must have written permission of local ordinary
  • Current certificate of baptism with proof of confirmation and free status notations (final documentation of declaration of nullity if applicable)
  • If a cleric, former seminarian or former religious (even novice), testimonials from the local ordinary, rector of seminary or major superior of the Order as applies.
  • Canon 597 “Any Catholic, endowed with a right intention, who has the qualities required by universal and proper law and who is not prevented by any impediment can be admitted to an institute of consecrated life.  No one can be admitted without suitable preparation”
  • Free of canonical impediments and/or irregularities

Specific Requirements for Admission to the Province of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Visit to monastery and completion of a Live-in Retreat under the direction of Vocation Director
  • Completion of the Application for Admission
  • Letters of Recommendation (spiritual director, parish priest, family member, etc.)
  • Complete physical, dental and eye examinations.
  • Satisfactory completion of psychological evaluation.
  • Submission of any and all documents (baptism certificate, testimonials, declaration of nullity of marriage, etc.) required by Canon Law
  • Approval by the Provincial in consultation with the Admissions Board of the Province.


Normally applicants for admission to the postulancy are between 21 and 40.

Education/Work Experience

All candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent.  It is desirable that a candidate, especially for the priesthood, have completed an undergraduate degree in college.  Suitable candidates who lack a degree, however, will be seriously considered.  The degree is more important for older candidates who desire priesthood, since those studies require a further four to five years of graduate study.  For those who have been in the workplace, a stable work record is important.


Candidates should ideally be debt-free and must be able to provide for their health insurance costs during the postulancy and novitiate, at least two years.  However, the Province will do all that it can to ensure that suitable candidates are not rejected due to financial concerns.  This is a topic requiring candid discussion with the Vocation Director.